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Clipper Filtered Cigars – The American Golden Standard

Posted by Saleem on 12/29/2014

Cigars are actually very different from cigarettes. The differences can be observed in a variety of features such as the look, the taste, the quality of tobacco, and the number of flavors available. A lot of people, especially men, are switching from cigarettes to filtered cigars. One of the leading examples of cigars that greet these people with a fine experience are Clipper Filtered Cigars.

Bella Filtered Cigars - A Cigar for the Sophisticated

Posted by Saleem on 12/26/2014

In recent times, more and more women have taken to smoking cigars. Though cigarette smoking was rather prevalent even a few years back, the trend of cigar smoking has only caught up recently. However, many women have also had a common complaint regarding the cigars on the market. They find these cigars very strong for their liking. Words that have been used to describe this strength range from “harsh” to “masculine.” This is one of the main reasons tobacco companies started working on cigar products that are more women-friendly and lighter than the run-of-the-mill cigars usually used by men. Bella Filtered Cigars are the outcome of this effort.

Wood Tips Enhance Cigars

Posted by Saleem on 12/24/2014
Cigars can be enhanced with wood tips. There are many different brands of cigars that use wood tips to give their cigars an over the top experience of extended flavors.

Winchester Filter Cigars: A Bold and Powerful Smoking Experience

Posted by Saleem on 12/17/2014
In the world of cigars, the full-bodied and bold flavor of Winchester filter cigars leaves their mark plain and simple.
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