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Wrangler Cigars

Wrangler Filtered Cigars

Wrangler cigars are a great choice for those wanting to switch from regular cigarettes to cigars. These thin filtered cigars are American made and of high quality that customers can enjoy. As filtered cigars gain popularity among smokers due to their low cost and similar appreciative benefits to cigarettes, Wrangler cigars are rising in popularity among consumers as well. 

Wrangler cigars come in a full flavored variety, with lights and menthol flavors as well for those who enjoy a lighter smoke. Made from quality ingredients in the USA, those who enjoy an ultra light smoke can also take advantage of ultra light flavors in both regular and menthol. A cost-effective method of smoking, Wrangler cigars on average cost less than half of what a normal carton of cigarettes cost, with consumers being able to enjoy the same quality in smoke and flavor as they do with other brands of cigars and cigarettes. Wrangler cigars offer similar smoking sensations for consumers as cigarettes without the hefty cost, and without sacrificing quality flavor. 

Those who enjoy smoking take note of the pleasant aroma Wrangler Cigars are known for, as well as the clean smoke. For a smooth transition from cigarettes to cigars, Wrangler cigars remain a top brand of filtered cigars for both the avid cigar smoker and the new cigar lover alike. Available in hard single packs and by the carton, Wrangler Cigars can be found at ones' favorite smoke shop or specialty smoke store. 

Wrangler cigars has discontinued the soft pack variety of their filtered cigars, but individuals can continue to enjoy the hard pack in their favorite flavors. Full, light, ultra light, menthol, and ultra light menthol are available for consumers to enjoy. Each flavor is full, rich, and provides a smooth enjoyable smoke that cigar enthusiasts and cigarette smokers can appreciate. 

When it comes to trying something new or simply venturing into a more affordable but equally satisfying smoke, Wrangler cigars is a brand that several smokers turn to. With many flavor options available and a pleasant smoke to enjoy, people are turning to filtered Wrangler cigars from their classic cigarettes and enjoying the switch.
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Wrangler Filtered Cigars Full Flavor
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Wrangler Filtered Cigars Menthol
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Wrangler Filtered Cigars Blue
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Wrangler Filtered Cigars Menthol Silver
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Wrangler Filtered Cigars Silver
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