In the world of cigars, the full-bodied and bold flavor of Winchester filter cigars leaves their mark plain and simple. Winchesters have been manufactured since 1972 and have a legacy of a no-holds barred cigar smoking experience that is described solely as being powerful. Each filtered cigar is crafted with careful precision that ensures you get a robust smoke. Winchesters were one of the first cigars produced and sold as a little cigar. Ever since the first production and smoke, they have been winning over the hearts of cigar lovers in the west. RJ Reynolds originally created Winchester little cigars in 1971. They quickly became a noted and popular brand in the U.S. Like their counterpart, the Winchester rifle, Winchester cigars became revolutionary in the cigar industry.

What Is in a Name?
The name Winchester provokes thoughts of the famous rifle and cigar. The manufacturers of the cigar kept this in mind when creating their high quality cigars and have kept it in mind ever since. Every cigar that is produced is of quality with a heritage suffused in premium tobacco blends and innovation that ranges from mellow to rich. Essentially their original blend is the perfect balance of flavor and sophistication that has not changed from the original cigar created in the 70’s. The natural tobacco taste resembles that of aged oak, full-bodied and robust. These are not a typical sweet smoke with flavors that remind you of candy. Instead Winchester has focused on providing different filter types. They added filters to their cigars to provide a healthier cigar smoke. The tips that are available include regular filters and Talon-shaped filters.

A Cigar Steeped in Tradition
Over the forty years they have been around it is clear to see that Winchester cigars are a quality product that has firmly found a place in the cigar aficionados smoking regime. If you have not tried a Winchester filtered cigar, it is time to switch up and order the original blend so you can try one of the most popular cigars on the market. If you have not tried a little cigar yet, then turn to Winchesters, one of the leading brands that have been on the market for many years. Carry on the American tradition of smoking Winchester cigars that are filtered. You will find that little cigars give you the opportunity to smoke the entire cigar in a smaller amount of time so there is no need to stop smoking and save half of your cigar for later.

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