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White Owl Cigars

White Owl Cigars Offer Premium Taste At Affordable Prices

First introduced in 1887, White Owl cigars have been a popular staple among regular cigar smokers ever since. This classic brand that dates back to 1887, has certainly seen some changes throughout the years, including the introduction of foil wrappers in order to promote optimal and lasting freshness. There are a few key characteristics of White Owl cigars, however, that consumers can always count on.

Foremost among these is the rich, tobacco flavor that is present in every version of White Owl cigars. These high-quality, low-cost smokes are best known for their super thin wrappers, which are created with a sheet type wrapper and binder that encases mixed filler tobacco blend, makes it possible for the natural tobacco taste to stand out. These wrapper designs also allow for a slow, controlled burn and a highly enjoyable smoking experience.

Smokers Get An Exciting Range Of Options With White Owl Cigars

One of the most impressive aspects of this brand is its commitment to providing smokers with a broad range of options to choose from. White Owl cigars come in a number of sophisticated, fruity and delightfully bold flavors including champagne, white grape, wild apple, watermelon, peach, pineapple, strawberry and vanilla among others. Consumers can also find a number of different cigar designs when shopping for White Owl cigars including White Owl cigarillos, blunts and demi-tips to name a few.

Having a range of options is invaluable to the modern smoker. White Owl cigars make it possible for people to enjoy a satisfying smoke even when they have traveled far from their comfort zones. Many White Owl cigar designs are compact, easy to carry and do not require much effort to light. Thus, taking in the rich flavor of a well-made cigar while hiking through the mountains or simply inhaling the satisfying aroma of a cigarillo while having drinks on a restaurant patio, is all too easy with the options provided by White Owl cigars.

What Consumers Are Saying About White Owl Cigars

Smokers who are eager to find affordable smoking options have long been enjoying the surprising variety of white owl flavors that is offered by White Owl cigars. New Yorker, Mini Sweets, Blunts Xtra and other popular options continue to receive amazing reviews among seasoned cigar smokers. People appreciate the thoughtfulness behind each individual design as well as the quality craftsmanship and premium tobacco that is present in all White Owl cigars.
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