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White Cat Cigars

White Cat Cigars

When it's time to sink your claws into a great cigar, there's none better than White Cat Cigars. On the market for two years, these cigarillos are sure to tempt any cigar lover's tastebuds. Available in five flavors, Sweet, Black, Natural, White Grape and Black Grape these high-quality cigars are definitely worth a try. Inexpensive yet satisfying, White Cat Cigars deliver a great smoke to those who know the best in machine-made cigars.

Made in the Dominican Republic, White Cat Cigars are of mild strength and are packaged foil fresh. Oil wrapped to maintain their freshness, they come packaged in boxes of single foils or two pack uprights. Getting 5-star reviews from customers, they are well-known for their rich flavorings and smooth smoke. Available online from a wide variety of cigar retailers, they range in price from $9 for a box of 20 up to $20 for a box of 50. 

No matter the occasion, these cigars should be part of it. Whether it's enjoying a satisfying smoke at the end of a hard workday, toasting the victory of a favorite team or handing them out as part of a congratulatory gesture these cigars have something to satisfy anyone. From the impressive packaging with the ferocious white cat to the freshness that comes with opening a new one, White Cat is poised to make its move among leading cigarillos. Across the Dominican Republic all the way to the United States, White Cat is loved by all who try them. From that first puff of a Black Grape flavored cigar to the last puff on a Natural flavored one, it's easy to see why these cigars are loved by so many. Those who know a good cigar know White Cat Cigars.

As flavored cigars have continued to grow in popularity over the years, many companies have tried to be the best. However, White Cat is the company that's ready to take the cigar aficionado's world by storm. For a cigar that is so fresh it smells as if it were just made to the satisfying taste, it has become a cigar that people can sink not only their claws into, but teeth as well. For the very best in flavored cigars, there's none better according to customer reviews than White Cat.
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