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Vaquero Cigars

Vaquero Filtered Cigars

Vaquero Cigars are, "little cigars," made and distributed by Sunshine Tobacco. They come in a wide variety of flavors including cherry, wildberry, peach, and vanilla. In addition, there are menthol and light versions, as well as a, "natural," edition. Vaquero Filtered Cigars have received rave reviews by cigar smokers all over the world due to the fact that they are sold for a relatively low price, but are still a very enjoyable smoke. Most people especially enjoy the natural edition of the cigar as it is bold and flavorful, packing quite a punch without being too harsh. 

Vaquero Filtered Cigars were originally sold by General Tobacco, but were eventually bought out by Sunshine Tobacco. 

Back in October of 2008, the founder and president of General Tobacco, a man named Vidal Suriel, announced the launch of a new addition to the General Tobacco lineup of premium cigars: the Vaquero Filtered Cigars 100's Box. These little cigars had been enjoyed by cigar smokers for quite a few years, but federal taxes made them quite expensive. With the introduction of the new 100's box, General Tobacco was able to meet the legal prerequisites required for the cigars to actually be considered cigars as opposed to cigarettes, thus resulting in the federal tax on these smokes being lowered. However, they still failed to sell well, resulting in their eventual buyout by Sunshine Tobacco, who essentially underwent the task of re-inventing the brand as a whole. 

Now, Vaquero Filtered Cigars are enjoyed by tons of people in the United States thanks to the fact that they no longer cost an arm and a leg to buy, and are also extremely enjoyable to smoke. Most Vaquero cigars retail for approximately $10, and are considered to be cigarillos. They are mostly sold in large cartons containing ten packs of twenty cigarillos each, but can also be bought in individual packs. The pack design is fairly clean and simple, and each flavor comes with a different colored pack. Smokers are almost always shocked by these little cigars due to how great of a value they are for the money; some reviewers even claim that these are the best cigarillos on the market, especially considering that they cost significantly less than other brands. Finally, it is worth noting that the paper of these little cigars burns very slowly, allowing the smoker to truly enjoy what is arguably the best cigarillo currently on the market.
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