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Trivo Cigars

Trivo Cigars

Little cigars are big business these days, and no cigar brand is gaining more in popularity than Trivo. These machine-made cigars are rapidly catching the attention of those in the know about cigars, giving cigar aficionados a great selection of cigars in many different flavors. Among the flavors available in Trivo are blueberry, pineapple, sweet and white grape. There's nothing better at the end of a day than being able to unwrap a fresh cigar and light it up, enjoying the smooth taste and relaxing feel of smoking one of the best machine-made cigars on the market.

One of the things that makes Trivo special among machine-made cigars is its different flavorings. Pineapple and blueberry are somewhat unusual among flavored cigars, giving Trivo a marketing angle many other cigar manufacturers don't have. Smoking a pineapple-flavored cigar is like visiting the tropics, letting the person close their eyes and dream of being on an ocean paradise with tropical fruits all around them. Those who prefer blueberry cigars can imagine themselves standing in the middle of a open field picking a fresh basket of blueberries. 

Trivo cigars come packaged either in sets of 3 or boxes of 60. Customers can order these cigars from a variety of online retailers rather than trying to hunt them down in tobacco stores. A box of 20 3-packs cost about $15, while a box of 60 individually-wrapped trivo's costs $20. 

Cigars were made to be smoked by those with superior taste in tobacco products as well as those celebrating good times. People who are ready to celebrate the end of a long workweek, those who are rejoicing over their favorite team winning the big game and proud fathers happily passing out cigars to complete strangers are just some of the folks who understand the value of a good cigar. 

Trivo is fast becoming the brand of choice for consumers of machine-made cigars, and the trend should only get bigger as more people discover the great taste and freshness of Trivo cigars. So if you feel like white grape tonight, pineapple the next night and blueberry the following night there's no better choice that Trivo.
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