Since the invention of the cigar, one of man's favorite products, it has undergone a number of creative and exciting changes. One of these has included the advent of exotic and flavorful cigars. Leading by example are Cheyenne Filtered Cigars that bring to the table a variety of cigars that have been infused with aromatic and exotic flavors. They are prominent leaders in this market that is still struggling to output innovative cigars. They are also easily available online at lucrative rates. This means that not only tobacco enthusiasts but even retailers looking to resell them have many great opportunities waiting for them!

Premium Quality

Cheyenne Filtered Cigars are made using only the finest tobacco. They are manufactured carefully in North Carolina. Each batch of cigars is thoroughly and accurately tested and checked before leaving the facility. This stringent quality control has helped propel these cigars to the top of the market because it translates into a smooth and consistent taste and flavor every time.

Many people who have been smoking only regular cigars for all their smoking years are now starting to try flavored cigars for the first time, thanks to Cheyenne Filtered Cigars. Smokers are happy to find that these cigars come in a plethora of flavors that very few other brands offer. Plus, their easy availability online has made them more popular than ever. They can easily be found on websites of reputed tobacco and cigar merchants. Most of these online stores also offer attractive discounts all year round to cigar aficionados.

Flavors Galore

The various flavors that these cigars are available in include exotic options such as menthol, extreme menthol, xotic berry, wild cherry, vanilla, peach, grape, sweet leaf, lights, and full flavor. Each flavor has a unique colored box assigned to it for easy identification purposes. They are available in boxes or packs of 100. Owing to the number of flavors available, people can experiment with all the different flavors before fixing on any particular one, if they want. Beginners too, can ease their way into cigar smoking with the mild flavors of Cheyenne Filtered Cigars.

Go Smokeless

The brand that manufactures these cigars is also planning to introduce into the market smokeless or tobacco-less cigars aimed at the consumers who want to continue smoking, minus all the health considerations. These cigars will truly spark a new kind of revolution in the market. So, anyone looking to be a part of this must act quickly and join in the efforts to spread the products by this brand. Lots of lucrative offers are available for interested people and parties.

Try the different flavors offered today and discover your own new favorite!


Ronald Sarrow

Date 12/4/2015

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