Phillies Cigars have been around since their inception in 1910. These American made cigars were manufactured in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, originally. Previously they went by the name Bayuk Brothers Cigar Company, but changed to Philadelphia Hand Made Cigars. The growth of the brand has expanded since they first started producing cigars, and they gained the shortened name Phillies. Today cigar smokers that are partial to the brand would not know you were talking about a Phillies cigar if you used any name other than their nickname. To smoke a Phillies cigar is to enjoy one of the premium brands of cigars offered in the cigar industry today. You can easily find them online at your favorite cigar website.

Enjoy a Large Selection of Phillies Impeccable Cigars
The Phillies Cigar Company makes many different types of cigars. They include Blunt, Sweet, Black Max and Cheroot to name a few. Each type of cigar has been produced to suit discriminating tastes and various price ranges. Phillies simply appeal to the masses due to being some of the finest cigars on the market that are affordable. In order to find the cigar that you favor, it takes trying several different types. It may turn out that you find quite a few Phillies that become fast favorites. They are easy to find since they are a well-known brand. When you shop for them online you can possibly find them at discounted prices too. Phillies are sure to please with a more than satisfactory draw and flavors that are enticing.

Choose a Phillies Cigar with Robust Flavors and Unique Undertones
One of the most important factors that should be considered when you are choosing a Phillies cigar is flavor. The undertones of a cigar are also important and can afford a satisfying smoke that simply makes you want to smoke another Phillies. Flavors that are available include Phillies Grape Blunts, Strawberry Blunts, and the Phillies Titan. The filler tobacco used in Phillies comes from Honduras and the Dominican Republic and delivers a mild-bodied flavor that is considered to be flawless. If Phillies are not offered in your area you can easily purchase them online. You may even find a price range that is cheaper than what you can find at a local tobacco shop. It pays to check online and review tobacco websites to find the best prices for these magnificent cigars.

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