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Swisher Sweets Cigars

Swisher Sweets Cigars

Swisher Sweets Cigars are a consistently popular, American cigar. Swisher Sweets are a mild, sweet smoke that have a pleasant aroma. These machine-rolled cigars have been on the market since 1958. Swisher Sweets are an affordable option for budget-conscious cigar aficionados. Many cigar smokers appreciate the Swisher Sweets flavor and aroma, as well as the affordable price.

Swisher Sweets Variety

Swisher Sweets are available in a number of styles and sizes, including the original Sweets Cigars, Sweets BLK, Sweets Little Cigars, Sweets Filter Tip Cigar, Blunt XL, Santa Fe Little Cigars, Optimo Cigarillo, Optimo Coronella, Optimo Mini Cigarillo, Goodies Cigarillo, Blackstone Wood Tip Cigarillo, Blackstone Filtered Cigar, King Edward Cigars, King Edward Wood Tip Cigarillo, King Edward Filtered Cigars, and Outlaws.

Swisher Sweets Cigars are available in a number of natural and assorted flavors. Flavor options include sweet, grape, peach, white grape, strawberry, blueberry, wine, black, and tropical fusion. Filter tip cigars are available for those who prefer a filtered smoke.

The Swisher Story

Swisher Sweets Cigars are made by Swisher International, Inc. Swisher International is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. The company has been selling cigars since 1861 and markets their Sweets are the number one cigar brand in the USA. The Jacksonville cigar factory is reportedly the largest in the world and produces millions of cigars each day.

The Swisher company began in 1861 when David Swisher received a small cigar business to settle a debt. Swisher, a wagon merchant from Ohio, operated the business with his four sons. Initially he had planned to use the cigars as an additional item to sell on their "rolling store" wagons. Early Swisher cigars were hand-rolled, with the company producing several hundred cigars each day by 1870. By 1895 the company had been purchased by two of David Swisher's sons who had expanded the business to three factories with more than 1,000 workers who were producing more than 300,000 cigars each day. The Swisher company was the first cigar company to invest in cigar rolling machines. Automating the cigar manufacturing process allowed Swisher to produce consistent, uniform cigars at an affordable price. The Swisher Sweets Little Cigars were introduced in the 1980s
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Swisher Sweets Leaf Honey Cigars
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Swisher Sweets Leaf Original Cigars
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Swisher Sweets Filtered Cigars Cherry
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Swisher Sweets Filtered Cigars Grape
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Swisher Sweets Giants 5 Pack
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Swisher Sweets Wood Tip Cigars 5 Pack
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Swisher Sweets Coronella Cigars 5 Pack
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Swisher Sweets Blunt Cigars 5 Pack
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