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Splitarillos Cigars

Splitarillos Cigars

Some of the biggest happenings in the cigar world are occurring with the smallest of cigars. Splitarillos Cigars are taking the cigar world by storm, and are poised to provide those who love a good cigar plenty to wait for with great anticipation. These premium quality cigars, all proudly made in the USA, come in a variety of flavors sure to please everyone. 

With flavors like OG Sweet, G6 Grape, SwagBerry, Rozay Wine, DaBomb Blueberry, Pineapple and One Hundred All Natural it's easy to see why these cigars are gaining in popularity among cigar lovers everywhere. Whatever mood a person is in, there is a flavor to match. Those folks looking for a smooth and easy smoke can grab a One Hundred All Natural or OG Sweet, sit back and relax while enjoying one of the best cigars they've ever had. If it's a little pizzazz you want in your cigar, a G6 Grape or SwagBerry cigar will do the trick. Perhaps it's the weekend and you might be feeling a little frisky, then it's time to pull out all the stops with some Rozay Wine, Pineapple or DaBomb Blueberry to quench that Saturday Night Fever. 

Splitarillos Cigars, in addition to being available in so many great flavors, are some of the most affordable cigars on the market today. Packaged in foil packs of 3 each, customers can purchase a box of 15 3-packs for only $15.50, making each cigar less than 35 cents apiece. At those prices, it's a small price to pay for so much flavor. Offering things no other company does, such as its One Hundred All Natural cigar, the only one of its kind on the market today and its DaBomb Blueberry, their take on the richest flavors currently available, Splitarillos Cigars offer customers something special every time one is unwrapped and lit up. Currently in the process of developing even more trendsetting flavors sure to please, Splitarillos Cigars are building a loyal following that is sure to eagerly anticipate whatever new flavors are produced. Featuring an even burn with an aroma that does not overpower a person, these cigars are great to smoke either by yourself or while sitting around with some good friends. Being full-bodied and with many unique and mellow flavors from which to choose, Splitarillos Cigars are ones that once they are tried, a person will never go back to anything else.
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