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Optimo Cigars

Optimo Cigarillos

The cigars were first introduced in 1898 by leading cigar manufacturer Optimo. The popular Optimo cigar was enjoyed by the likes of world-class icons, the ranks of which include Babe Ruth. In Florida, the popular cigar was perfected and manufactured in the Clearwater facility. For decades, the brand’s mild cigar flourished, becoming a major force in the cigar industry. 

Aged tobacco contained in cigars date all the way back to 1952 were carefully packed to protect the blend the brand is widely known for. Cuban fillers protected by natural wrappers are behind what makes Optimo a well-respected and appreciated cigar among smokers. The aging process is behind what makes the cigar stand out among its peers in the industry. The rich blend and subtle flavoring gives the cigar a taste all its own.

Cigar lovers and aficionados with a taste for a mellow, pleasurable smoking experience choose Optimo cigars and have done so for years. With blends from multiple countries, the cigar has one of the most unique characteristics of any cigar available. Consistent manufacturing practices that have remained unchanged for well over a century are behind the popularity of the Optimo brand. Rolled by hand, every cigar’s tobacco components retain their original flavoring. 

Cigar smokers gravitate toward the signature pleasant, inviting aromas of the Optimo cigar because of the relaxing smoking experience it provides. Imported tobaccos from multiple countries set the unique flavoring of the Optimo cigar apart from others in its class. The perfect balance of tobacco varieties creates the smoking experience that people from all over the world have come to expect in a great cigar. 

When smokers think quality, they think of the Optimo cigar. Backed by centuries of innovation in the tobacco industry, it’s no wonder that the cigar remains one of the most respected cigar brands available on the market. A high quality smoking experience for the cost-conscious crowd is what the Optimo cigar delivers. In peach, grape and other exciting flavors, the taste and blend of each flavor is protected by natural wrappers. The cigar smoking experience offers a rich smoking experience for everyone who appreciates a good cigar.
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