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Murano Cigars

Murano Filtered Cigars

Murano offers the finest light filtered cigars that carry all the richness in flavor of aged tobacco with interesting mild flavors the smoker desires. People who prefer a distinguished cigar that is light and refreshing turn to trusted brand Murano for the ultimate cigar experience. 

Years of experience in the tobacco industry has placed ABI among the top manufacturers of quality cigars. Reputable cigar manufacturer ABI has a longstanding tradition of delivering the finest cigars available on the market. ABI has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the tobacco industry, introducing brands like Vendetta, Speedway, Tracker and Murano. 

Smokers who appreciate a refined, exquisite taste that is balanced choose Murano cigars. Enhanced airflow made possible through the manufacturing process is what cigar lovers prefer in a light filtered cigar. ABI maintains some of the most stringent requirements when it comes to manufacturing the world class cigar. Quality control to ensure that the finest tobaccos are selected guarantees flavor consistency. From manufacturing to packaging, ABI takes pride in every step it takes to create the very best cigar experience with it Murano brand. 

Murano cigars make enjoying a convenient smoke break on a time crunch possible for any cigar enthusiast. Menthol flavored filters varying in strength from mild to medium gives cigar smokers a choice in how they choose to enjoy their cigar. Regardless of the variety chosen, smokers are guaranteed a great tasting cigar. Robust flavors are masterfully blended using American-grown tobacco. The distinct taste of each cigar is a testament to the tried and true process of selecting only quality tobacco available from leading growers right here in the United States. 

For a truly American smoking experience that is memorable, cigar lovers prefer the Murano brand. The great tasting flavor and distinctive aromas make for a truly rewarding smoking experience. Raising the bar in cigar manufacturing is what ABI is known for. As evidenced in its other brands, the company is known as a leader in the tobacco industry. Whether its about relaxing to light up a great cigar or unwinding after a long day with friends, the Murano cigar delivers the satisfying smoking experience cigar lovers crave.
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