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Miami Suites Cigars

Miami Suites Cigars

Miami Suites Cigars are a high quality brand of flavored cigars manufactured by Altadis USA. Miami Suites Cigars come in five different flavors, with something to suit nearly any cigar lover's taste. Miami Suites Cigars are sold by many cigar retailers and cigar lounges. With the flavors offered, these cigars are a great way to celebrate weddings, bachelor parties or other special occasions with a flavorful cigar. These five varieties of Miami Suites Cigars include: 

Miami Suites Irish Cream Cigars
The flavor of Irish cream is infused into these fine cigars. They are the perfect accompaniment to an after dinner coffee drink or dessert. 

Miami Suites Rum Cigars
These cigars feature the rich taste of rum and are perfect for those who enjoy a stiff drink. 

Miami Suites Honey Berry Cigars
These sweet smelling cigars offer a fruity, sugary flavor and are a great choice any time. 

Miami Suites Amaretto Cigars
The delicious taste of these cigars go well after a large meal. 

Miami Suites Honey Cigars
These cigars are loaded with simple but sweet flavor and appeal to almost everyone.

Great Ways to Surprise Miami Suites Cigar Lovers
Although any time is a great time to relax with an aromatic cigar, Miami Suites Cigars are just the thing for many different occasions. Here are some gift ideas for presenting a fan of Miami Suites Cigars with a special gift.

  • Smoke together. Miami Suites Cigars are perfect for group celebrations because their flavors appeal to almost everyone. Buy a variety pack with all the available flavors to share with everyone in a group.
  • Give an engraved box stuffed with goodies. You can give someone a fancy cigar box that's engraved with a personal message. Remember to fill the box with that person's favorite flavors of Miami Suites Cigars.
  • Give a vintage cigar case. Vintage cigar cases can take you back to the time when after dinner cigars and drinks were the norm, so they're the perfect gift for any fan of Miami Suites Cigars.
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