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King Edward Cigars

King Edward Cigars

Many years ago, Queen Victoria decided to place a ban on smoking in the English Kingdom. While her reign of prohibition did not last long, it definitely had a huge impact on the people located in this part of the world at the time. King Edward VII struck down this law as soon as he came into power, and this great man is the inspiration for the King Edward Cigar. Once he had the law changed, King Edward spoke to the people and let them know that "Gentlemen, you may now smoke." These were words that would definitely live in infamy for the rest of human history.

If you respect King Edward VII, then you should definitely respect the cigar that was named in his honor. Taking home from King Edward little cigars is the best way to pay tribute to this man and his words. While it is unlikely that smoking would still be banned in England to this day if it were never for King Edward's wisdom, the fact remains that he was the one who was able to change the law in the first place. Prohibition never works for any kind of substance, especially not one as enjoyable as a small cigar.

King Edward Filter Cigars are made by machines in Jacksonville, Florida, so you can rest easy knowing that you are getting an American made product. They use 100% natural fillers, which offers a smooth smoke that is hard to find in today's synthetic world. Some describe the smoke from these cigars as a bit too mild, but it is the perfect way to go when you just want something smooth at an affordable price. These little cigars have been around for many years, and the young smokers from back in the day are still enjoying these cigars now as grandparents.

The King Edward little cigars are well-known as the mildest smoke you will find in America. This is not what everyone is after at the end of the day, but it definitely makes sense for someone who does not like a heavy, harsh taste to their little cigarillos.
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