Hav-A-Tampa cigars have been enjoyed by cigar aficionados since 1901. The brand is recognized worldwide for its distinct flavor and easy draw that is consistent owing to its Birchwood tip. This affordable option offers cigar smokers the opportunity to enjoy a mild but memorable flavor that heightens the experience. It continues to be a top selling favorite for people around the world and the success of this particular brand is attributed to its consistency. The brand was among the initial market entrants to feature the wood tip that offers the advantage of making the cigar is smooth and comfortable to handle.

The cigar makers are known for their commitment to creating affordable cigars that are masterfully cured to result in a blend that is mild but still has the capacity to provide the ultimate satisfaction of the cigar smoking experience. The skillful combination of tobaccos has the positive effect of creating a great aroma and ensuring that the flavor is enhanced. The rich history of the brand has contributed to its long standing popularity around the world as both domestic and foreign buyers have discovered the unique experience that Hav-A-Tampa cigars guarantee.

The mild strength of the cigars makes them an ideal option for anyone who seeks to enjoy a relaxing smoking experience. Hav-A-Tampa cigars can be enjoyed at any of the time and are particularly delightful after a meal or while having one’s favorite drink. The cigars are produced in the United States and are manufactured using the highest quality tobacco blends. Every effort made in the production process is evident in the smoothness of the cigars as well as the easy draw that makes them enjoyable to smoke. This has ensured consistency and satisfaction for buyers over the years.

The cigars continue to be highly popular among individuals who prefer their cigars to be mild and seek value for their money. The brand is ideal for people who have an occasional smoke as well as those who are passionate about cigars and the enjoyment associated with them. The brand is an essential component of the cigar industry and has founded its reputation on providing consumers with cigars that are high in quality, offer excellent flavor, are mild in strength and are reasonably priced. Some of the memorable features of these cigars include proper construction, quality wrapper, ease of lighting, excellent flavor and easy draw time and time again.


Pamela Kalt

Date 11/9/2014

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