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Check out our Desktop Cigar Humidors and Glass Top Cigar Humidors

Cigar humidors are essential for any serious cigar connoisseur. The humidity in a humidor is kept at a constant range between 68 and 72 percent which is optimal for cigar storage. This range is achieved through the use of a device that appropriately adds or takes away humidity in the humidor. Not only is this a functional piece that is necessary for the proper storage of cigars, but it is also an attractive addition to any room. Cigar humidors come in a variety of sizes and designsso that they can fit everything from Ashton to Swisher Sweets cigars.

Cabinet Humidors: Anyone who has the space for it should consider a cabinet humidor for its elegant appearance and its ability to store a large number of cigars. Furniture styles range from end table humidors that are able to hold up to 300 cigars to full-size cabinets that are able to hold up to 1,250 cigars. All cabinet humidors use high quality wood.

Desktop Humidors: These humidors are the perfect solution for a small space or an office desk as they can hold up to 300 cigars in a compact setting.

Glass Top Humidors: Glass top humidors give cigar smokers the option to keep an eye on their cigars at all times. Smokers can make sure that their cigars are staying at the proper temperature and humidity so that they age properly.

Humidor Gifts: Humidor gifts come in the form of kits for cigar smokers. While the cigar humidor is the main focus of the gift, other cigar-related accessories are included. Cigar cutters, ashtrays and lighters are all perfect accessories that are included in cigar kits. Pair some high quality cigars with a humidor gift to complete the package. Make sure that your humidor is properly seasoned before use. Use a dish of distilled water to prepare the humidor. The dish should stay in the humidor until the humidity reaches between 65 and 70 percent. The amount of time it takes for the humidor to reach the proper humidity range depends on the size of the humidor. Resist the urge to store your cigars in the humidor before it is ready.
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