Hav-A-Tampa was an American cigar company known for its quality. The name of the company originates from the city of Tampa, Florida itself. In the early 1900s, Hav-A-Tampa Cigars became so popular that Tampa was dubbed ‘The Cigar City.’ In 1931 when Hav-A-Tampa introduced the Jewels Cigar, the company also started its own signature campaign, asking the smokers whether they like to ‘have a cigar.’

Hav-A-Tampa Cigar Factory was the oldest manufacturer of quality cigars in the United States, but the making of cigars in Tampa has been closed now. Although they are now made in Puerto Rico, the company has held their standard of high quality and innovative approach throughout the years.

Machine Rolled

Before the 1940s, every cigar company had specialized workers appointed for making cigars. Hav-A-Tampa became the first company to introduce a machine roller which could make perfect cigars in less time compared to its workers who made them by hand. Today they remain the only company likely to provide you cigars manufactured with the original machine rollers. Many companies who had followed in the footsteps of Hav-A-Tampa have shut down these machines long ago as they took more time for making each cigar than the newer machines that were being introduced to cigar manufacturing.

When the news about the machine rollers being closed came out, but Hav-A-Tampa was still providing their machine rolled cigars, it gave the customers the satisfaction that the company had taken an oath to always produce the best quality cigars. They gained international reputation after that.

Wood Tips

Hav-A-Tampa Cigars has always been known for its innovative approach and its belief in complete customer satisfaction. It was the first company to make the wooden tip that gives cigar smokers a great dynamic taste on the lips and burns with an enigmatic smell of wood. It became the largest cigar seller in the United States to sell the wooden tip cigar, and it gained enough reputation through this breakthrough design to make itself the largest wooden tip cigar selling company in the world. The reviewers were happy and completely satisfied to mention about the tip, which was different from the other cigar companies.

Expert Quality

The popularity and demand of Hav-A-Tampa Cigars grew to such an extent that everyone from the chief of the American arms to the greater officials preferred them for their absolutely perfect production. By the mid-1990s the company made and sold more than 850 million cigars and reaped the profit of a whopping $140 million. There were more than 800 employees constantly working to make the best of Hav-A-Tampa Cigars with the usage of both machines and hands.

The company has always held the belief that some of the cigars must be made accurately by hand and for the best smoking experience. It is this dedication to perfection which keeps Hav-A-Tampa among the leading cigar manufacturers today.

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