Almost every cigar smoker in the world has been asked the reason for his smoking preference. Nevertheless, all of the smokers come up with a similar answer, saying that cigars help them relax. People find it an occasion to relax and enjoy a good cigar. If a regular cigarette smoker is going to try a filter cigar, he will experience the smell of the tobacco, how it feels in the mouth, and what kind of taste it leaves. It is a much different experience than smoking a cigarette.

A Simple Story
Each GTO Filtered Cigar seems to have its own story which is understood only by a regular GTO smoker. It is a simple story about a tiny tobacco seed which was watered and later left to be sheltered and grow into bigger plants. The bigger tobacco plants are tended by hands until they have been harvested by the same. After the procedure is complete, these lovely cigars are left to be aged and fermented to finally arrive at the intended taste, which every cigar smoker loves.

Gto Filter Cigars have remained consistent to this simple story, producing a high quality full-flavored cigar throughout the years. People appreciate their consistence and turn to these cigars when looking for a timeless, classic, and rich flavor that is excellent for any occasion.

Cut it and Relax
After the manufacturing process is complete and you have bought your cigars, it is time to cut them and make them perfect for smoking. Basically, there is not a wrong or a right way of cutting a cigar. People of different ages like to blend into different strengths of the cigar smoke, which can be acquired, depending on how one cuts the cigar. Once you have the right size and the exact flavor to your taste, all you need is a fire to light it and relax. It is said that the flavor of Gto Filter Cigars taste the best when specifically lit with a wooden match stick.

Every person who loves smoking these cigars surely does not have a perfect answer why he loves it. Many consider it as an occasion because you have to choose the cigar to your taste and appreciate its flavor and aroma to smoke it. There are some people who have such a tremendous craze of smoking Gto Filter Cigars that they decide to age their cigar 5 to 6 years further, waiting for a perfect time to smoke it. The nicotine in the cigars is said to make the smoker concentrated on what he is doing, and that is one of the reasons why the people who play poker always need a cigar between their fingers.

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