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Golden Harvest Cigars

Golden Harvest Filtered Cigars

Golden Harvest Filtered Cigars are top sellers because they are full of flavor. If you are looking for a mild to medium bodied filtered cigar that tastes and smells great, Golden Harvest Cigars are a premium choice packed in a 100mm body. Often referred to as "little cigars", do not let the size of these premiums blends fool you. While Golden Harvest cigars are miniature, they pack a lot of flavor that often surprises the first-time smoker. If you want a cigarillo that does not compromise flavor and aroma, Golden Harvest Filtered Cigars are perfect for a short tobacco break. 

Not all cigarillos come in as many flavors as the Golden Harvest premium brand. In fact, one of the main reasons why Golden Harvest is a top-selling product is because of all of the flavors that the brand offers. From the medium bodied Full Flavor product, to the smooth Menthol product, there is a choice that will satisfy anyone's preference. The flavors that are available include: Full Flavor, Light, Menthol, Blackberry, Cherry, Vanilla, Grape and Sweet. Buy your favorite flavor, or purchase a combination of different flavors and switch up your smoking experience whenever you want to. 

If you are looking for a cigar that is made with premium tobacco that is cultivated in the United States, Golden Harvest Filtered Cigars may be the best choice. The North Carolina tobacco is aromatic and full of flavor, and it will offer you a rich and satisfying smoking experience that other cigarillos simply cannot match in the price point. Because the filtered cigars are so affordable, you can afford to purchase all of the flavors and taste test just what flavor is your favorite. You may be surprised to find that you prefer a medium-bodied cigar over the mild-bodied flavors that you have chosen in the past. 

Available in packs of 20, Golden Harvest filtered cigars make a great gift for your friends, relatives, colleagues, or even for yourself. Experience the great taste of a USA made cigarillo, and become yet another fan of these little cigars. With these little cigars you never have to worry about setting aside hours of your time just to enjoy a full smoke. With just 20 minutes of your time, you can experience flavor at its best and a distinct aroma without breaking the bank when you choose Golden Harvest Filtered Cigars.
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