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Garcia Y Vega Cigars

Garcia Y Vega Cigars

Garcia Y Vega has been in business since 1882, turning out quality cigars from the company's home in the Dominican Republic. Jose Vega and Alvaro Garcia started the company and the cigars they produce are machine made with natural Dominican Candela leaf wrappers. Those wrappers cover filler tobaccos from diverse locations like Connecticut, Cameroon and Mexico. The tobaccos used in these cigars have been aged to produce their distinctive and popular flavor. The Garcia Y Vega brand is a favorite among value-conscious cigar smokers as it provides a variety of quality smokes at the price of convenience store cigars. 

The most noticeable benefit of machine made cigars like those from Garcia Y Vega is that they are considerably more affordable than handmade ones. This is a point that most cigar smokers can appreciate, especially given the recent financial climate. Aside from cost, another benefit is that they are able to last for a considerable amount of time even without a humidor. 

Game Cigars 
Garcia Y Vega offers cigars in a number of sizes, with one of their more popular offerings being their Game line of cigarillos. This line was started in 2007 and unlike many other machine made cigars that leave the smoker with small pieces of tobacco in their mouths (they spend as much time spitting as they do smoking), the Game cigars come pre-punched with neat pinholes to prevent this. Flavors in the Game line include:

• Honey
• Vanilla 
• Wine
• Grape juice
• Peach

Garcia Y Vega 1882
The 1882 is one of the latest additions to the list of Garcia Y Vega cigars. It is meant to commemorate the year in which the company began production. The Garcia Y Vega 1882 is a rolled leaf or "rough cut" cigar so it is made only with natural tobacco leaves and filler. The 1882 is a mild cigar with an aged broad leaf. 

Consistency and smoothness are two of the qualities for which Garcia Y Vega cigars are known. Even with the flavored Game cigars, many smokers find that the flavors are subtle, which makes Garcia Y Vega cigars perfect for cigar aficionados with sensitive palates. 
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