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Fronto Leaf Master PALMA
Fronto Leaf Master PALMA

Fronto Leaf Master PALMA

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Consider Trying a Fronto Leaf Today

When you are looking for something new to smoke, a fronto leaf may be just what you need. Grown in the Caribbean, mainly on the island of Jamaica, fronto leaves are the leaf of choice for discerning smokers. These leaves go by many other names, including fronto master, fanta, funta or grabba leaf, red rose and red herring. You can buy fronto online.

What Is a Fronto Leaf?

Fronto leaves are dark tobacco leaves. It is a wrapper grade rather than a smoking grade of tobacco leaf. The variety of bulk tobacco varies for fronto leaves. The leaf tobacco is cured in the air without any chemicals. The whole leaf tobacco comes in different thicknesses with the thinner leaves generally being smaller and younger.

How Is a Fronto Leaf Used?

A fronto leaf is used as a wrapper for smoking tobacco or herbs. They are also used for creating cigar wrappers. If the leaf still has its stem attached, it can be ground or chopped and smoked in a pipe.

Fans of the leaves know to look for one that is a deep, uniform brown color. A thinner leaf is desirable because it is easier to roll. The darkest leaves also tend to be the thickest, so you will need to find a nice balance between color and thickness when selecting a leaf to use as a wrapper. A thin leaf can stand up to rolling, twisting, pinching and smoking without disintegrating.

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