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El Producto Cigars

El Producto Cigars

A famous comedian, George Burns, was rarely seen in a movie, on stage, or in public without an El Producto Queens cigar in his hand. Until he passed away in his early nineties, he remained true to his brand and refused to even try other cigars. El Producto Cigars have many loyal consumers like Burns that know a good smoke when they light it, and so will you as soon as you purchase one and try it. Listed below are just a few examples of why El Producto cigar smokers stay true to their brand. 

El Producto Cigars Little Coronas are rich and flavorful pack cigars made by machine, each one a perfect example of the excellence of El Producto cigars. This is one of the more popular brands that can sometimes sell out quickly so order extra and you will never run out. 

El Producto Escepcionales Cigars come in packs of five, and are even more popular than Little Coronas, being the number one machine-made cigar around. Cigars this good are worth buying in bulk so you never have to run to the store only to find they have sold the last pack. 

El Producto Fino's are sold in 50 ct boxes. These El Producto Cigars are machine-made in America using natural, short filler tobaccos, and they easily live up to the whole reason a person smokes cigars in the first place. Each one is worth sitting down to enjoy its smooth and satisfying taste. So why wait?

El Producto Favoritas Cigars Box come 25 to a box, and are a mild to medium strength cigar. Wrapped in homogenized tobacco leaf and filled with Caribbean tobacco they are a regular favorite of El Producto Cigars fans with good reason. These cigars make great gifts for any smoker on your shopping list, and we can guarantee this is one gift that wouldn't end up on a closet shelf.

El Producto Puritanos Finose come in five packs, five cigars each pack. The silky, tasty smoothness, good quality, and price all make it a hard deal to pass by. They are 25 quality reasons to sit down, take a break, and light one up.
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