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Dark Horse Cigars

Dark Horse Filtered Cigars

Today, many people are stepping away from traditional cigarettes and cigars in favor of filtered cigars. These cigars offer unique blends of flavors that are truly appealing to cigar smokers. Although the Dark Horse brand offers pipe tobacco in various flavors, the brand also features filtered cigars that are increasing in popularity. Many smokers do not inhale traditional cigars but will inhale while using the filtered cigar variety.

Dark Horse filtered cigars offer a really genuine taste that many cigar smokers are after. They are available in packs of 10 or 20 and will range in price depending on the retailer. Dark Horse filtered cigars are also available in a variety of flavors which is something that makes them so appealing to cigar lovers. The vanilla flavor offers an aroma of delicious vanilla with a light and airy vanilla taste when used. The Dark Horse Mild variety of filtered cigars offers the same authentic cigar taste in a much milder form. The Cherry version is a true fan favorite. The famous cherry taste is definitely noticeable and the aroma is sweet, too. Dark Horse also has added a menthol flavor version to their filtered cigars. The menthol taste and aroma are not overpowering but give off a truly refreshing taste and smell.

When selecting a flavor option, it is best to purchase a variety pack. Variety packs offer one or two of each flavor selection. Customers can try one a day and decide which is their favorite. Then, they can easily buy a complete pack of them once they know the taste. Instead of wasting money on full packs, a variety pack is a much more affordable option.

Many cigar aficionados do not like filtered cigars because they feel they are too similar to traditional cigarettes. While this is a choice that each person will have to make on their own, filtered cigars do offer health benefits that aren't found in regular cigarettes. Many cigar smokers love that they can get a unique taste when smoking or puffing on a filtered cigar. Many brands do not offer different flavor options so it is easy to see why Dark Horse is a popular brand.
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DARK HORSE Filtered Cigar Extreme Menthol
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$13.99  $11.99
Dark Horse Filtered Cigar Blue (Light)
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$13.99  $11.99
Dark Horse Filtered Cigar Red (Full Flavor)
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$13.99  $11.99
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