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Cubero Cigars

Cubero Cigars

Cubero Cigars is a modern company built on a long tradition of superb quality and taste. As one of the creations of STG Lane, the world’s leading manufacturer of fine cigars, pipe tobacco and roll-your-own products, Cubero joins an illustrious family with a distinguished history. The company producing it, like one of their own cigars, is a blend of the finest in the field: Scandinavian Tobacco Group, Swedish Match and Lane Ltd.

The Scandinavian Tobacco Group can trace its roots back over 250 years to its establishment in Copenhagen, Denmark. Through it entire history, it has made a name for itself as a supplier of the finest and most flavorful tobaccos, offering peerless quality at an affordable price. 

In 2010, STG merged with Swedish match, a company with a history dating back to 1917 and a line of well-known tobacco products such as Longhorn snuff, White Owl cigars and Red Man chewing tobacco. The new company was poised to assume a preeminent position in its field, a distinction reached the following year, when it acquired the U.S. firm, Lane Ltd.

The present company is still called Scandinavian Tobacco in deference to its history. As the top producer of cigars and pipe tobacco in the world, it manufactures over 2.5 billion machine-made cigars, 115 million hand-rolled cigars, 2,175 tons of pipe tobacco and many other products annually.

Cubero cigars are like a world cruise . Each blend has the aroma and flavor of an exotic land, transporting the smoker into another place and time. 

For a cigar reminiscent of distant, sun-drenched beaches, Blend No. 35 is a perfect choice with its hints of rum, sugar cane and mint. Sophistication and relaxation meet in this sweet, satisfying blend.

For the flavor of South America, try Blend No. 12. Here the heady tastes of coffee and chocolate come together like an Andean breeze, providing the ideal accompaniment for the contemplative moments of the day.

Blend No. 07 is like a sip of a fine Mediterranean wine. Its sweet, grape-laced flavor brings to mind the languid calm of sunset in a vineyard, just the thing to finish up a busy day.

These are just a few of the sumptuous blends from Cubero. Each has its own personality and charm, and each must be tried and appreciated. For those who prefer a filter, Cubero also has an extensive line of fine, flavorful filtered cigars.
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