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Criss Cross Cigars

Why Criss Cross Filtered Cigars Are So Popular Among Budget-Conscious Consumers

Criss Cross filtered cigars provide smokers with the perfect blend of premium tobacco and an easy draw. While plastic tips have long been a preferred option among budget-conscious cigar smokers, Criss Cross filtered cigars offer a much more compact size and thus, greater ease of use. These are easy to transport and easy to enjoy, given their small design and the fact that they take mere seconds to light, even in windy and unsheltered areas. 

Get Criss Cross Filtered Cigars In An Exciting Range Of Flavor Options

Another defining feature of Criss Cross filtered cigars is the extensive array of flavor options that smokers have access to. These are perfect for people who enjoy the rich, fruity aromas of peach, grape, cherry and vanilla. Those who prefer the natural taste of tobacco can look for mild flavors, original, smooth and even menthol. 

The appearance of Criss Cross filtered cigars is very much like that of the typical cigarette. When lit, however, these small-sized tobacco products burn and smell much more like cigars than they do like traditional cigarette brands. For those who are hoping to gain a more muted cigar smell, however, various fruit flavor options can provide a rich, sweet aroma that is surprisingly pleasant. In fact, some have compared the taste of vanilla and cherry Criss Cross filtered cigars to that of premium pipe tobacco. With these products, there is no need to go through the trouble of emptying, cleaning and refilling a pipe. This is especially helpful when attempting to enjoy a smoke while on the go.

What You Can Expect From Criss Cross Filtered Cigars

Consumers who have reviewed Criss Cross filtered cigars are excited about the affordability and the rich flavors that are offered. They like being able to truly taste the different options in tobacco, as opposed to the more muted aromas of other brands. Smokers also appreciate the fact that these designs are extremely easy to hold and that they are small enough to fit into simple carrying cases, purses, pockets and bags. They are appealing to both men and women, given the impressive range of strong, fruity and sophisticated flavor options.
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