Cigars are actually very different from cigarettes. The differences can be observed in a variety of features such as the look, the taste, the quality of tobacco, and the number of flavors available. A lot of people, especially men, are switching from cigarettes to filtered cigars. One of the leading examples of cigars that greet these people with a fine experience are Clipper Filtered Cigars.

These cigars have been long regarded in America as a golden standard for quality, style, and taste. In short, they are truly an epitome of cigar making. A product of Texas, all the Clipper Filtered Cigars are strictly tested before batches are released into the market. Now easily available for purchase online, more and more people are finding it easier to procure, and hence, completely switch to these cigars.

Another reason for their immense popularity in America is that they come in a number of interesting flavors. The range of flavors is so wide, that almost all types of smokers - men or women, regular or occasional - tend to find something that suits their taste. This is one big advantage these cigars hold over many other competitor brands.

Basket of Flavors
Clipper Filtered Cigars offer a plethora of flavors to boast about. Some of these many flavors include strawberry, cherry, menthol, pineapple, grape, white grape, sweet, kush, blueberry, vanilla, green haze, peach, lights, and full flavor. They are now also available in a brand new clove flavor. Premium tobacco is fused with dried clove spice mix that results in a rich, dense and autumnal flavor.

All of their flavors are very hearty and aromatic. The fruit flavors are so naturally balanced that they only complement the tobacco flavor and do not hijack the whole smoking experience. While these exotic flavor options are enough to entice a whole array of smokers, they are also planning to introduce more flavors in the future to cater to an even wider consumer base.

Shop Online
With a steadily growing consumer base, the demand for Clipper Filtered Cigars is also going up, concurrently. This has already resulted in a steady increase of the average price of the cigars in the recent past. Another factor that has fuelled the increasing demand is their easy availability online.

Tobacco and cigar merchants with e-commerce websites offer these cigars to virtually anyone around the globe. This means that anyone looking for a premium and exotic cigar smoking experience just has to find a cigar dealer online and order these to be delivered at his or her doorstep at reasonable prices. Also, it must be noted that these cigars can be bought at discounted prices from a few websites.


Nancy Upton

Date 9/1/2015

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Date 9/2/2015

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