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Captain Black Filtered Cigars

Captain Black Little Cigars

Captain Black is a type of little cigar that is produce in the United States by Lane Limited. For over 40 years, Captain Black little cigars have been gaining international acclaim across many different parts of the world. It all began in 1973, when Lane Limited decided it was time for them to create the perfect aromatic pip tobacco for people to use all over the world. The main thing they wanted to focus on was enjoyment over everything else. They wanted to produce a product that was unmatched when it came to customer satisfaction, and that's exactly what they were able to do.

Two decades after coming onto the tobacco scene, Lane Limited decided to start creating filtered cigars. By 1990, Captain Black Little Cigars were being smoking in many different cities around the country. There were two varieties of their cigars at this time, and people would often debate as to whether to "Filter" or "Sweet" version was the better option. Many people liked the ability of the "Sweet" version of the little cigars to enhance the smoking experience by adding a little bit of sweet flavor to the filtered end of the cigars. It was not long before these little cigars became popular across the Middle East and parts of Asia.

It was 1998 when Lane Limited decide to make another change to their little cigar company by introducing tipped cigars. Most smokers found these cigars to be rather enjoyable, and the trendy tip added onto the end of the cigar allowed for the creation of many different Captain Black flavors. The tobacco for these cigars is sourced from many different parts of the world, which is why it has such a unique flavor. There is tobacco from Brazil, Bulgaria, Africa and the Orient that can be found in these tipped cigars. It was this product that led the Captain Black name to become popular in both Canada and Russia.

As for what is available right now, the Captain Black Tipped Cigars come in three different flavors: Vanilla, Cherry and Original. Each flavor is definitely worth a try, and you will have to test out all three before you can figure out which one will be right for you. These are the perfect flavored cigars to bring along with you on all of life's adventures.

The latest creation from Captain Black has been the cigarillo. This product was launched in 2012, and it comes in three different flavors. The three flavors that you may want to try are Grape, Cherry and Sweet.
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