Variety of Cigarillos

One of the main reasons flavored cigarillos are so popular is because some people want variety. It is possible to buy cigarillos individually or in small packs. This means a person could keep a variety of different flavors on hand at all times. The different flavors allow an individual to select a cigarillo based on mood or other factors instead of having to smoke just one flavor until the next purchase. The wide range of flavors guarantees that there is a cigarillo available for any occasion.

Taste of Flavored Cigarillos

A large number of people who smoke cigarillos enjoy experiencing a slightly different taste than what normal aged tobacco provides. Flavors like grape or cherry provide some sweetness to balance the richness of the tobacco. Flavors like chocolate change the entire way the cigarillo tastes. The flavoring in the cigarillo can even affect the smoke in the area making it more pleasing to people who do not enjoy regular cigars.

Packaging of Flavor Cigarillos

A major reason some people choose flavored cigarillos is the packaging. A number of innovative packaging deigns make certain brands of cigarillos stand out from traditional cigars or even cigarettes. Some flavored cigarillos come in shiny metallic bags with colorful graphics. Others are sealed in hard cases that look like pens or cosmetics containers. These hard cases make it easier to carry cigarillos around since they will not bend or break. A few companies package flavored cigarillos in small boxes with interesting patterns or designs on the front. Packaging can cause a person to try flavored cigarillos just to see what the flavor is like. 

Cigarillos Complement Food and Drink

A major reason why some people purchase flavored cigarillos is to complement the taste of food or drink. Cigars are used traditionally to accent food and drink. The right combination of cigarillo flavors and food will activate the different taste buds on the tongue. This allows sweet, salty and savory flavors to become more intense. The taste of a flavored cigarillo can help to cut through foods that are rich or heavy. They can even improve the flavor of everyday drinks like coffee.


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