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Bella Cigars

Bella Filtered Cigars

Many women who appreciate the occasional cigar were in search of an alternative to the traditionally masculine, and sometimes overpowering cigar. Women throughout the world were ecstatic about finally having a viable cigar alternative like the Bella Filtered Cigar. Bella Filtered Cigars are designed with the sophisticated woman in mind. 

Bella Filtered Cigars is considered to be a light alternative. In the past, women only had a heavier, masculine cigar available to them. Being limited to such a cigar left some women yearning for a better experience. This was especially true if they desired a flavorful alternative or if they wanted something inexpensive and rewarding. Bella recognized the need for the inexpensive cigarette for women, so it developed an incredible homegrown cigar for women.

Made from 100 percent American-grown tobacco, the Bella Filtered Cigar is the leading feminine alternative cigar available to women on the market. A smooth, subtle taste is perfectly suited for the woman. Free of many of the stronger elements common in the masculine cigar, the female cigar smoker will find that they can enjoy a great cigar at a fraction of the cost as the masculine alternative. 

Available in multiple varieties, the flavorful cigars are made from the finest tobacco grown in America. Ladies can choose from the full flavor, ultra light, menthol ultra light and light cigars; all of which can be purchased in large quantities. Broad leaf tobacco originating from places like Connecticut make for an interesting blend when it comes to creating perfect fillers. The Bella brand specializes in creating amazing blends from premium tobaccos perfectly aged to create the satisfying smoking experience lady smokers crave.

From leading publications to the everyday smoker, the Bella cigar has been one of the greatest additions to the market. Interesting blends made from the best tobacco blends grown in America has made it one of the most well-received and most celebrated brands around. The Bella cigars have quickly become one of the fastest selling cigars available on the market. In answering the need for a woman to enjoy a rewarding smoking experience, Bella has made quite the impact in the cigar industry.
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